Quality transmission service and more in Perth

We'll get you moving again

If you are having problems with your vehicle, take it to the trusted professionals at Automatic Transmissions R Us. We can provide you with a transmission service and anything else you need to get you back on the road. Our fully qualified team are dedicated to providing the best customer service and explaining everything to you in language you can understand. If you live in Perth, give our experts a call today.

Our specialties

While Automatic Transmission R Us, in Perth, can perform a wide range of mechanical procedures on your vehicle, our specialties lie in automatic and manual transmission service, power steering and differentials. We use state of the art technology to assess and diagnose your problem as well as measure performance. From here our experts will know how to proceed to ensure you vehicle is performing how it should.

We'll have you back on the road in no time

We know how much people rely on their vehicles and we know how inconvenient going without a vehicle is. This is why we always ensure that we act fast and get your car ready as quickly as possible. Our Perth team are highly experienced in what they do, which allows us to move quickly to diagnose your problem.

Durable repairs

The last thing we want is to fix your vehicle and for the same thing to break down not long after. You can assure that when you take your vehicle in to us in Perth, you won't be bringing it back for transmission service or any other repair for a long time. We use high quality replacement parts to ensure you have the most durable repair possible. This is our promise to you.

Interior view of vehicle needing automatic transmission service in Perth